The words "exceptional wine starts in the vineyard" from the view of the top of a tank over a vineyard

Owned and operated by a 4th generation farming family in the heart of the Lodi Appellation, Peltier Winery is driven by the belief that exceptional wine begins in the vineyard. Being Estate Grown, means that our 1,000 acres of vineyard are cultivated to produce the highest quality fruit, allowing the winemaker’s artistry and true characteristics of each varietal to shine.


It all began with the Schatz family in the early 1950’s, whose passion for farming has been passed along to each generation with the love for the land and vineyards. As third generation grape growers, Rodney and Gayla Schatz carry on the same traditions today as their parents and great-grandparents did many years ago, growing superior grapes that are sold to numerous wineries throughout the country. They purchased their first vineyard in 1985 and built a winery in 2001 as a custom crush facility producing premium wines to wineries both large and small. With a drive to create their own label to share from the vineyards that have captured their hearts, came the desire to make outstanding wines with a commitment to quality and artistry in each bottle.

Sustainable farming, exceptional winemaking and the worms that help make it all possible, this is the story of Peltier Winery & Vineyards, then, now and for generations to come! Special thank you to Bio Filtro for the worms and Genzo Pictures for producing this video!

Sustainable Farming

All of our 1,000 acres are farmed sustainably according to  LODI RULES,  a third party certified program created for the Lodi Appellation by a committee of scientists, growers, a wildlife biologist, and farm advisors. These are stringent rules that we currently farm by and have been farming since our great-grandparents began growing wine grapes. It is the care for the land, air, water, habitat, and worker with a long-term vision focusing on farming for the future of the land. We were one of the first growers to receive certification for this program.


OWL BOXES are placed throughout our vineyards to encourage a natural habitat for owls who become the pest control for gophers and meadow voles

COVER CROPS are planted in our vineyards to promote soil health, prevent erosion and increase organic matter which reduces tractor use and dust while promoting healthy air quality

WATER CONSERVATION is achieved with drip irrigation which efficiently irrigates the vines

LAND HABITAT and native plants are preserved to protect endangered species

EMPLOYEES undergo in-depth training to promote efficiency and safety

SOIL is kept healthy with the addition of organic matter and compost


ENERGY USE is made efficient with the use of a solar water heater to clean our tanks

SOLAR PANELS cover our entire crushpad to provide natural energy for our winery operations

COMPOSTING by way of re-using grape skins, seeds and stems as organic matter that goes back into the vineyards

THE WORM FARM is an energy efficient way to treat our process water for re-use in the vineyard