hy·brid is a revolutionary product that combines highly advanced technology with environmentally sustainable winegrowing principles. hy·brid is about taking away unnecessary elements to produce a good wine that anyone can enjoy. Part of hy·brid’s purpose is to show the benefits of blending varietals to enhance quality.

Hybrid by Peltier Winery

Hybrid Pinot Noir


Medium Body Tannins Finish Into a Savory Cherry Chocolate Liqueur 

Hybrid Cabernet Sauvignon


Smoky Caramel Nose and Hints of Dark Chocolate Raspberry.

Hybrid by Peltier Winery

Hybrid Chardonnay


Tropical Fruity Notes, Smooth Mid-Palate, with a Clean Slightly Acidic Finish.

Hybrid Pinot Grigio


Snappy Mid-Palate, with a Bright Vibrant Acidic Finish

Hybrid by Peltier Winery
Hybrid by Peltier Winery

Hybrid Sauvignon Blanc


Crisp, Dry and a Bursting of Flavors.


Peltier Winery Lodi Appellation