Peltier Dessert Wines



Beginning March 10, 2006 wineries seeking label approval in the United States were not allowed to use specific descriptions and geographical designations. A few names that are not authorized for use on wines originating in the United States seeking label approval include: Burgundy, Champagne, and Port. In 2008 we were ready to release our “dessert wine,” and were confronted with this problem. What to call a “Port” style wine if you are not permitted to use the word Port on the label?  So naturally a USB Port that is used by billions of people daily was our answer, thus the birth of USB _ (You get the idea)...



Complex, Perfectly Balanced, with a Long Lasting Finish

Peltier Winery Dessert Wine



A sweet peachy treat of viognier.



Peltier Winery Lodi Appellation