Owl Boxes in Peltier Vineyards

Environmental soundness, socially equitable and economically viable.  


These are practices that continually improve sustainable wine grape growing with a focus on holistic farming.

stewards of the land



We believe that caring for the land, in a sustainable way, for future generations will bring forth the true nature and character of our region in producing great wine. Today, we honor what our great-grandparents taught us in sustainable farming practices by embracing the most stringent and comprehensive guidelines in the Lodi Rules Sustainable Farming Program. We learn from our past and continually strive to improve for the future.

Honoring what is best for the environment to create great wines.

Lodi rules - Certified green



All of our 1,200+ acres are farmed sustainably according to  Lodi Rules,  a third party certified program created for the Lodi Appellation by a committee of scientists, growers, a wildlife biologist, and farm advisors. These are stringent rules that we currently farm by and have been farming since our great-grandparents began growing wine grapes. It is the care for the land, air, water, habitat, and worker with a long-term vision focusing on farming for the future of the land. We were one of the first growers to receive certification for this program.

Peltier Winery is Certified Green

from vineyard to bottle



  • Owl Boxes– are placed throughout our vineyards encouraging natural habitat as pest control for gophers and meadow voles.
  • Cover Crops - are planted in our vineyards promoting soil life, preventing erosion and increasing organic matter which reduces tractor use and dust, promoting healthy air quality.
  • Water Conservation – drip irrigation is implemented to efficiently irrigate the vines.
  • Land Habitat – native plants are preserved protecting endangered species.
  • Workers - in-depth training is given to our workers promoting efficiency and safety.
  • Soil – we add organic matter/compost to promote healthy soil.


  • Energy Use – a solar water heater is used to clean our tanks.
  • Solar Panels – provide natural power for our winery operations.
  • Composting – re-using grape skins, seeds, and stems back into our vineyards.


  • Bottles - when applicable we use one of the lightest weight glass available.
  • Labels – we have screen-printing, labels, inks, and cartons that are all water based.
  • Corks - natural corks are renewable, screw caps are recyclable, and synthetic corks have less air/wasted wine. 
  • Recycling – from cardboard, paper to bottles, we recycle anything possible that will help lighten our carbon footprint.
Peltier Winery Lodi Appellation